For Grades 6-12

Class Structure

 The base of The EDGE is to get athletes physically prepared to play to their full potential. Primary goal to minimizing the risk of injury and to maximize the potential of each student-athlete. All of our programs are centered around explosive ground-based, three dimensional and multi-joint movements. Fancy way of calling your basics. Sprinting, jumping/landing, change of direction and the barbell movements like squats, deadlifts and presses. I expect to have lots of weightlifting-newcomers to the class, educational focus on learning the movements and techniques/mechanics to each exercise based off the individual’s traits and limitations.

About Coach Chris

Massachusetts born. Played hockey and lacrosse at Endicott College in Beverly, Mass. Graduated back in 2014. Chose to stay with Endicott's Athletic Department after graduating and spent time there as a Strength Coach along with St. John’s Prep in Danvers, Mass at the high school level. Gained valuable experience across different skill and ability levels during both of those times. Excited about bringing what I have learned to Hardkore!